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Checking the MOT history of a vehicle is of paramount importance for a multitude of reasons. One of the key reasons is to identify any common errors in the MOT certificates, such as incorrect mileage readings or mix-ups with the car's identity. As per a study of official data, more than 450 incorrect MOT certificates are issued daily by test centres, which could potentially cost drivers thousands of pounds. These errors, if not rectified immediately, could lead to complications during future MOT tests. Therefore, it is advised to verify the MOT history and ensure any discrepancies are addressed promptly by contacting the respective test centre.

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The implications of incorrect mileage on MOT certificates extend beyond just future MOT tests. Specifically, mileage errors can significantly impact the value of a vehicle when an owner decides to sell it. This is because potential buyers often gauge a vehicle's wear and tear based on its mileage, and if it appears artificially low due to an error, it could falsely inflate the vehicle’s value. Furthermore, issues like car clocking, where the odometer reading is fraudulently altered, can further complicate matters. Therefore, checking the MOT history can provide crucial insights into whether a vehicle's mileage has been manipulated, helping buyers make a more informed decision and avoid potential financial pitfalls.