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What to bring for the MOT test

You should take your vehicle documents with you to the MOT test. These documents include your vehicle registration document (or V5C), proof of insurance, and valid identification. You will need to provide these documents in order to have your vehicle tested. Additionally, you may be required to provide other documentation such as a valid MOT certificate or a valid roadworthiness certificate, if applicable. Having these documents on hand will ensure that the test is conducted smoothly and quickly.

Things that you should bring to an MOT test:

The MOT test is an important annual check to make sure that your car is safe and roadworthy. It will check your car’s condition and roadworthiness, including brakes, lights, tyres, exhaust and many other components. All of these tests require the car to be empty, as it helps the tester to access the components of the car easily, and to make sure that the car is safe for use on the roads.

Item Reason for bringing it
The car Its obvious, but make sure to bring the right car for the test.
V5C Log Book This has yours and your car's details and the tester will likely ask for it. If you don't have one you can request a replacement.
Current MOT certificate This can be requested by the tester. If you don't have it the test centre should be able to find it in their system.
Headrests Seat headrests should be present for the test.
Top up the washer fluid Washer fluid is used to test your wipers so it shouldn't be empty.
Money Whether you are waiting at the testing centre or leaving the car overnight, don't forget to bring your wallet as you may need to buy food or pay for transport while your car is being tested. Don't forget to take it with you when leaving the car.
Book Its likely that you will be in the waiting room for a while so bring some entertainment.

What not to bring to the MOT test

Its important that you remember to remove some things from your car before the MOT test. You should generally try to keep your car empty of any items that may obstruct the inspection and get in the way of the tester. Before the MOT test, its a good idea to remove any items of personal property from the car (such as clothing and bags).

Item Reason for not bringing it
Air freshener Air fresheners can obstruct the view of the road and the car controls so its a good idea to put them in the glove box for the test.
Dash cam Depending where this is mounted, you may want to remove it for the test.
Phone holder and any cables These can be identified to obstruct the view of the road.
Child seat The child seats should be removed in order for the seat belts to be tested.
Loose items Its a good idea to remove any loose items especially from the floor.
Toys and pillows near the windows These can be found to obstruct driver's view.
Groceries Its a good idea to do your shopping after the test so it doesn't get in the way.
Empty Car

Should you bring spare Wheels and Tyres?

Spare wheels are checked on some of the MOT tested vehicles, in particular the vehicles fitted with external spare wheel carriers. The externally mounted spare and the carrier are both checked to make sure they are securely fitted with compatible fixings. Internally mounted spare wheels are not required to pass the MOT test, however if a defect is noticed the tester is required to let you know.

Does the boot need to be empty for the MOT?

Its a good idea to have the boot mostly empty for the MOT. Keep it reasonable, a pair of boots or an ubrella shouldn't cause a problem.

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