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So how soon can you have your car/bike/van/lorry back after dropping it off for an MOT?

Your mileage will vary and not all garages will offer a fixed time slot for a quick turn-around. You should check in advance how soon you will be able to collect your vehicle after dropping it off.

Depending on your vehicle type, the MOT check can take between 10 and 70 minutes.

Motorbike MOT test is about 10 mintes long.

Automobile MOT test is about 50 mintes long.

Average testing times for different vehicle types

MOT test durations depend on how the vehicle is presented and on the skill and equipment used by the tester as well as their expertise. Some testers may require the vehicle to be dropped off for the whole day, so make sure to plan for any delays.

Vehicle MOT test duration 1
Electric bikes/scooters 2 10 minutes
Motorbike 10 minutes
Three wheeler 45 minutes
Car 45 minutes
Motor home 50 minutes
Quad bike 10 minutes
Minibus 50 minutes
Taxi 45 minutes
Van 45 minutes
Trailer 25 minutes
Goods vehicles < 3 tn 45 minutes
Bus 70 minutes
Double Decker We don’t know, do you?
Heavy Goods Vehicles 70 minutes
  1. Estimated test duration, the test may take longer if the issues are identified.
  2. As more people buy electric bikes and scooters the MOT test centres are having to get used to the new processes. The EV bike and scrooter MOT check is generally quicker as there is no need to check the emissions.


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