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Enigma Ceramic Wax 30ml Sample

  • Enigma Ceramic Wax 30ml Sample

Angelwax Silicone Dioxide SIO2 wax is made with ceramic nano particles. The particles are mixed in with a wax base allowing for an even application and polishing. After application, wipe and buff the surface for a smooth and shiny nano-ceramic protective layer.

The Enigma Ceramic Wax coating protects the paintwork with a long lasting layer which persists for up to 12 months when maintained with regular washing and detailing using the appropriate products. 

Also available in 250ml tub



Sample Size
30 ml
Height: n/a
Diameter: n/a
Wax in a screw top container


Is Enigma Wax really ceramic?
Angelwax Enigma consists of fine Silica Dioxide particles suspended in a wax base. Silica Dioxide is the primary raw material for most ceramic glazes, stoneware and porcelain.
Is Enigma Ceramic Wax Durable?
The coating can last up to 12 months in ideal conditions. Inspect the surfaces and re-apply the coating at shorter intervals depending on environmental conditions, mileage, where you keep the car and steps taken to clean and look after the bodywork.
Does Enigma Wax Produce good water beading?
Yes, for photo examples and customer feedback please refer to the Enigma forum thread on the Detailing World website
Should Enigma be combined with Ti-22 Titanium Sealant?
Enigma produces a great finish on its own and you may not see a noticeable visual difference in finish when combining these products. Use the titanium spray sealant after polishing and before applying the wax if you want to create an extra protective layer against the elements and prolong the life of the wax layer.

6 Steps How to Apply Angelwax Enigma Wax

  1. Thorougly cleanse the surfaces berfore the application.
  2. Avoid working in direct sunlight and near heat sources to prevent premature drying out of the wax.
  3. Check that the surfaces are cool, especially around the bonnet and exhaust.
  4. Apply a thin layer with a clean and dry wax application pad to a single panel at a time.
  5. Allow two minutes for the product to settle. If left longer and the wax dries out, apply more wax before wiping it off.
  6. Remove excess coating and buff with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.

For the best results, maintain the finish with Angelwax car shampoo and QD to extend the re-application period.

Fine ceramic nano particles protect the paint against the elements and create a smooth and shiny finish.

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